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December 2014 Wantable Intimates Review

I know, I know - no time like mid-January for a December box review! I'm almost caught up, I promise!  November was my first month for a Wantable Intimates box and December will be my last.  Don't get me wrong - I like the box, I like the model, I'm not even all that put-out by the price as it usually still works out to be decent for what I have gotten - even though they have recently reduced the number of items from 4-5 to 3-4.  I would even recommend it to others.  My problem is simple:  it is a lot of money for a monthly sub and I can't justify spending that much on pjs and socks - especially with a new baby on the way.  I may resub from time to time when I can but it's just not a priority right now.

For those of you unfamiliar with Wantable, it is a box company which offers four different types of boxes at the same price point ($36 monthly or $40 for a one-time purchase):  Intimates, Makeup, Accessories and Fitness (although I'm unsure if the Fitness box currently ships to Canada because it is a slightly different model).  They also have a relatively in-depth survey that you complete to help them customize your box to you and, if your box doesn't suit you, apparently they have an excellent return policy (but again, I'm not sure if it is the same when you're shipping to / from Canada).

Each intimates box includes 3-4 items selected for you based on your quiz.  You can also add personal comments and your stylist can write a personal response to you as well.  I couldn't really get a clear pic of my preferences (since my camera sucks) so I'll list them here for you:

Loves (you are most likely to get those items you say you love):
  • loungewear
  • panties
  • lingerie (this was a "love" for November but once I got something I liked, I switched it to "like" since I don't really need that much lingerie - I love that you can change up your choices whenever you like)
  • leggings (I specified that I like footless leggings instead of tights. . . am I the only one who can't stand having my feet feel constricted, even in winter?)
  • socks (I specified ankle socks, see above re:  constriction)
  • bras (I included a note that I was not interested in sleep bras - I just don't understand them - and that I need support!)
Dislikes (you will never get items you dislike):
  • tights / hosiery
  • shapewear (I guess it's not just my feet that can't handle feeling constricted!)
Here's what I got (I will include my own comparison pricing since Wantable has a bit of a reputation for overvaluing items - but mostly since I have no idea what happened to the product card between the unboxing and this post - sorry!):

Rene Rofe Cami Set (Amazon has a similar set, although not the same colour, on sale for $17.99 with a regular price of $39.99)

Verdict:  I really like this.  The fit in the shorts is very comfy and the fabric is very soft and flowy, which is a good look for anyone who isn't a supermodel.  I love the colour - I did put a note on my order for this month that I prefer cool shades and blacks / greys since my last box included some brown items.  I also changed up my preferences regarding colour / style and I guess that better reflected me as well.  My one complaint upon initially receiving this item was with the way the top fit - the straps, the length and the width were all good but the part that actually covers your boobs? Not good.  If I put the band under my breasts, they constantly pop out.  If I don't, it a) looks weird and b) is not comfortable.  As I said, initially this bothered me since this is the second month in a row I had issues with items fitting my breasts - and the quiz includes bra size so it's not like they didn't know.  However, given that I have actually been pregnant the entire time, unbeknownst to me, I have amended my opinion.  I'm going to guess that it's probably at least partially my own fault for having pregnancy hormones and swelling breasts - my own bras are getting a little spilly too these days.  So, not a dealbreaker.

Sutton Notch PJ Set (I can't find these for sale anywhere or find any info on this brand. . . that said, some other reviews list Wantable value for these at $28 which sounds about right to me).

Verdict:  Love! It's hard to tell in the picture (especially atop my black chaise - sorry!) but these pjs consist of a long-sleeve button up top and drawstring pants.  They are warm and soft, totally comfy and fit great.  I also love the colour (I know, I got a whole box of black and white items - but that's what I like!), especially the pink accents.  While I'm not super happy that I can't find anything about this company, I do really like these and will wear them happily.

Overall Verdict:

I guess Wantable considers a pj set to be 2 items which would mean this box holds 4 "items" instead of the 2 I really feel it does.  I'm not likely to wear these items separately, ever.  That said, I'm not mad about it since these are two great sets which I like and will wear.

November's box was half-price (plus shipping and exchange) because I had a code so part of what I really wanted to know this month, was what the actual costs would be for a Canadian.  This box cost me $57.99 Canadian once shipping and exchange were factored in.  That's a pretty steep jump from the $36 sticker price and one I'm betting would only cost more given what's happened with our dollar in the meantime.  While I would have been very happy getting these pj sets for $18 or even $20 a piece, almost $30 each (while still not bad) makes me less excited.  I could go to Target (especially with the closing sales surely happening soon) or even La Senza or Winners and pick out my own pjs for a comparable price.  Part of the fun of this subscription is having someone else do the picking and deliver it right to your door though so I guess that's worth something.

That said, this box is approximately a $46 value (or $68 disregarding sale prices) which means that what I paid for it doesn't cover the cost of the box (or barely covers it).  That doesn't make me feel good about the purchase and is another reason why I am saying farewell to Wantable for the moment.  I do have a 50% off coupon in my inbox that is saying "try the Accessories!" so we'll see how long I can hold out!

If you are interested in trying this, or any, Wantable box, please consider using my link.  I would appreciate it!

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