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Memebox Special #64 Green Food Cosmetics

**FYI - Memebox no longer ships to Canada.  I'll leave these reviews for posterity but any links or recommendations are sadly no longer for us :( Many of the products can be found elsewhere - check out my post on where else to shop for k-beauty products!

Memebox is a Korean Beauty Box company with a different model than most beauty boxes.  Instead of subscribing to a monthly box, they periodically release new boxes and you can purchase as many or as few as you like.  Boxes usually range from $23 - $29 plus $6.99 for shipping to Canada (shipping can take 10-20 business days so be prepared).  Express shipping is available for an extra cost or with bundles (more than one box purchased and shipping at the same time).  Memebox also offers many of the items from their boxes in their shop - a warning to Canadian shoppers, some of the shop items are for US customers only so don't get your heart set on anything until you check the tag under it!

This box is not currently available for sale, although restocks do happen from time to time.  Current boxes can be found here.  At the moment, Memebox is running a 12 days of Christmas promotion with daily specials found here.

This was one of the first boxes I ordered from Memebox, as part of a bundle with Superbox #74 Memebox Empties (review is coming).  While there are no bundles currently, when they are available they include both boxes and an upgrade to express shipping (much appreciated).

The first look indicated a fair number of full-size products! "Special" boxes are organized by theme and may not contain many full-size products but as you can see here, and on the product cards below, this box had 4 out of 5 items at full size :)

Memebox includes these product cards which indicate what each item is, what it is valued at (sometimes these are a little inflated but since I can't get most of these products where I live, I'll cope with that) and how to use it.  I can't stress how valuable the "how to use it" aspect is since I haven't heard of many of these items before and would have no idea what to do with them!

Primary Raw Seoul, Do You Original Soy Milk Facial Cream (Full Size 100g, Value $40)

I am working on better skincare.  That is part of what this whole meme-experiment is all about.  With my combination / sensitive / acne prone skin, I have been at a loss as to what the heck to put on my face.  Which usually resulted in nothing.  The idea of moisturizing would terrify old me.  Except when my skin got really dry and I would reach for my trusty Tea Tree Moisturizer.  All this is to say that this a totally new product for me and I am excited by it!
Firstly, the packaging is awesome - you can see the box this came in above and then it has the cutest little (well, not so little) glass jar with this fabric tied on top.  Seriously impressive presentation.  It also came with a nice, high-quality plastic spatula to scoop the cream out with.  Secondly, the product is really nice too.  This is a soy milk cream with a delicate scent (nothing too intense next to my nose, please!) and nice absorption.  I have been using it as a night cream since I find it a little rich for twice daily use on my often-oily skin but I like it a lot on my face and my skin seems pretty happy in the morning.

Solucion 9 Aztec Therapy Shampoo (Full Size 250 ml, Value $68)

No, that valuation is not a typo.  That is legitimately what the card says.  *Googles* Yeah, I can't find any entries besides reviews of this box. . . who knows? I do know that this is the most expensive shampoo I have ever used and will ever use.  This is an herbal shampoo intended to "alleviate scalp blemishes, soften and strengthen damaged hair, and deliver a refreshing therapeutic effect."  I have never noticed a lot of scalp blemishes and my hair tends to be pretty healthy anyway.  I can affirm that if by "therapeutic effect" they mean "fresh, herby scent", they pretty much nailed it.  It's a shampoo and it does its job.  I honestly can't say it does that job better or worse than my (much, much) cheaper shampoos but I'll use it.

DermaB Fresh Moisture Body Lotion, 50ml (Value: 400ml is $19 so this size is about $2.38)

I have a ton of body lotions so I haven't used this one yet.  It seems pretty standard and doesn't really stand out much.  I will use it. . . eventually. . . but it won't last long since this isn't much product for something you use all over your body.

WillSpa Touch Aroma Therapy Roll-on Oil (Full Size 12ml, Value $18)

This roll-on scented oil came in two varieties:  Chill Out and Breath Easy (maybe a typo on the card? should it be "Breathe Easy"?).  I got Chill Out which is definitely something I should do more often.  The product card says to "roll it over wrists, temples, behind the neck or between the upper lip and the nose."  I have tried it on my wrists and back of my neck but I am not rolling a oil product, certainly not one with such a strong (yet pleasant) scent on my face.  That could spell disaster for my skin.  I am not sure how calming this is but I do like the scent and at least the process of putting on a de-stressing product gets me to consciously think about de-stressing.  I'll use this as more of a perfume most likely.

Tosowoong Aloe Whitening Essence (Full Size 60ml, Value $16)

An essence is intended to be used after cleansing and toning, before moisturizing (look at me with all the new skincare knowledge and lingo!).  Korean whitening products are not really like how they sound - the "whitening" is more about evening out skin tone and minimizing scarring, etc.  I have some acne scarring and a fair bit of redness that I would love to bid farewell to but I opted to try out the essence that arrived in the Memebox Empties box that was bundled with this one first.  This essence is next on my list.

Overall Verdict:

This is more like what I was hoping for in my Memebox experience.  As much as I loved the Foot Therapy Box (my review here), I really got into this for the skincare.  This box offered two really exciting products for me.  I am using and enjoying the Soy Milk Facial Cream and will use the Tosowoong Essence at a later date.  While I am not over the moon about the shampoo (good thing too - I could never afford another bottle), it is nice and I will use it.  The same is true for the body lotion.  The only item I am a bit disappointed in is the Aroma Therapy Roll-on.  I will use it when I think of it but it feels kind of gimmicky to me.  The Memebox value of this box is just over $144, with almost half of that value being the shampoo.  While I am not sure it is really worth quite that much, I paid $67.99 for this box and Memebox Empties, including shipping - so, let's say, about $34 for this one.  I do think it is definitely worth more than that (the face cream alone is probably worth the $40 Memebox values it at) so I'm happy about that.  I'm not 100% sure how some of these products fit the "Green Food" theme unless you count ingredients like tea tree, peppermint, aloe and soy milk as green foods but I do like the products and the variety.

So, are you into scented oils and aromatherapy? And do you find that they do anything? Do you think soy milk is a green food? How about tea tree - food? Or not food?

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