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November 2014 Wantable Intimates Review

Wantable is a box company that I've been wanting to try for a long time.  They offer four different types of boxes at the same price point ($36 monthly or $40 for a one-time purchase):  Intimates, Makeup, Accessories and Fitness.  They also have a relatively in-depth survey that you complete to help them customize your box to you and, if your box doesn't suit you, apparently they have an excellent return policy.

I decided to splurge on the Intimates box this month because, frankly, this month sucked and I thought some pretty panties might help remedy that situation.  Also, I came upon an opportunity to get my first box for half price (and I simply cannot resist a good deal!).  This box ended up costing me $32.57 ($18 + added fees for Canadians + exchange).  Since I'm going to try another month, we'll see how much the regular subscription price will be in December but I'm guessing about $45.

Each intimates box includes 3-4 items selected for you based on your quiz.  You can also add personal comments and your stylist can write a personal response to you as well.  I couldn't really get a clear pic of my preferences (since my camera sucks - Santa? are you listening?) so I'll list them here for you:

Loves (you are most likely to get those items you say you love):
  • loungewear
  • lingerie (I wanted something pretty but now that I have it, I changed that to a like for next month - love that I can change up my likes / loves / dislikes every month!)
  • panties
  • leggings (I specified that I like footless leggings instead of tights. . . am I the only one who can't stand having my feet feel constricted, even in winter?)
  • socks (I specified ankle socks, see above re:  constriction)
  • bras (I included a note that I was not interested in sleep bras - I just don't understand them - and that I need support!)
Dislikes (you will never get items you dislike):
  • tights / hosiery
  • shapewear (I guess it's not just my feet that can't handle feeling constricted!)
Here's what I got (I will include both Wantable's pricing and my own comparison pricing since Wantable has a bit of a reputation for overvaluing items - they use the recommended retail price but often these items are on sale elsewhere):

Muk Luks Aloe Socks (Wantable price:  $8)

These are really cute.  Not sure if you can see from the pic but they have little elastics to hold them on your feet, kind of like ballet slippers.  They are warm and super soft.  I have a few other pairs of aloe or shea socks and love them for winter (I wear them like slippers).  These are true to size and fit well.  Target has a three-pack including this exact pattern listed at $25 on their website (Amazon has a four-pack with different colours at the same price, though) so I think the pricing is fair.

Verdict:  I am happy with these.  They aren't the most exciting item but I will definitely wear them.  I would have preferred a different colour / pattern but for around-the-house, this is fine.

Muk Luks Fleece-Lined Leggings (Wantable pricing:  $12.50)

These are brown, fleece-lined leggings, also by Muk Luks which is a brand I had never heard of until I received these two items.  I am also happy with the quality of this item.  They are soft, warm and true to size.  Amazon sells a two-pack for $25.45 so the price is accurate.  I just wish they weren't brown :(

Verdict:  If these were gray or black, I'd say I love them.  As is, I don't really wear fall / brown colours at all.  I have exactly one outfit these will go with.  I will totally wear them with that outfit but I'm not over-the-moon about them.

Miel Luna Thong (Wantable price:  $20)

This is a nude, seamless thong.  You can totally request not to receive thongs on the survey but I love them so, obviously, I didn't do that :)  These are also really soft (sensing a pattern here?) and fit true to size.  They are seriously some of the most comfortable panties I own.  I have never owned a pair of $20 panties before but these are seriously awesome.  And that price? Accurate! Amazon has them currently on sale for $18 but the regular price is $20.

Verdict:  Probably my favourite item in the box.  Nude isn't a colour I would go for regularly but sometimes there is value in not only avoiding panty lines but also having something to wear that won't show through a lighter pant / skirt.  I would never spend $20 on a pair of panties (my husband would have a heart attack, I think) but I would be happy to see these again in another box.

Icy Hot (Plejue Intimates??) Baby Doll (Wantable price:  $34)

This seriously confuses me on so many levels.  The tag says Plejue Intimates but the product card says it's from Icy Hot.  No idea what that's about.  Maybe one's a product line? Maybe they changed the name of their company? Whatever.  It makes comparison pricing difficult to say the least.  The only comparable Plejue Intimates baby dolls I can find are on resellers like ebay, listed at a $9.99 starting point (not exactly the same item though).  When I searched for Icy Hot, at first I couldn't find anything.  Today, however, there is a listing at Beyond the Rack, sold out, for $16.99 with a regular price of $30.  I'll use that value ($16.99) in my valuation since I feel like that's more accurate for the quality of this piece.

The other confusion is with the sizing.  This is sized on the S-M-L-XL scale even though it has a bra top.  In my mind, if I state that I usually wear an XL or a S or a M but also provide my bra size, the bra size is the more valuable measure for an item like this.  It's not how Icy Hot / Plejue have listed the sizing, or how Wantable has interpreted it, but it is more logical and accurate, no? Therefore, this doesn't fit properly.  The cups are a little spilly and the band is too tight (like too tight to close) which is disappointing.  The teeny-tiny G-string / thong that comes with it does fit though.  That said, I won't go to the effort of checking out Wantable's return policy due to the nature of the item. . . it's not the kind of thing one wears for an extended period of time, you know what I mean? So I can cope.  But I did totally mention the issue in my review of the month's items on their website.

Verdict:  A little disappointing.  Sizing issue, and branding issue aside, this is a totally serviceable item.  But it's not super exciting.  The colour isn't thrilling and the quality is just so-so.  Considering this was the big ticket item in the box, I'm not full of joy.

Overall Verdict:

According to Wantable, this box has a value of $74.50.  My valuation puts it at $57.49 which is significantly lower.  While it is still more than I paid for the box, if I had paid full price, it wouldn't be much more.  I loved one item, liked two (colours aside) and was disappointed in one.  I have adjusted my quiz answers for next month especially regarding style and colour and am going to give Wantable another shot to impress me.  

If you are interested in trying this, or any, Wantable box, please consider using my link.  I would appreciate it!

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