Friday, May 15, 2015

Fabletics May 2015 Review

After thoroughly enjoying my Fabletics purchase last month, I decided to opt for another outfit (albeit at full VIP pricing) this month.  While I likely won't purchase a full outfit every month, and it's nice to know that I can skip anytime I like, for now I'm in!

This month I chose Kanpur which includes 3 pieces:  the Love Hoodie, Ko Jogger and Kemi Bra.  Here's what it looks like on the site:

And here it is in the colours I chose (and, of course larger-than-model sizing):

The full outfit was $69.95 US for all three pieces with VIP pricing (or $134.85 regular pricing) which ended up being just over $100 CAN.  So what did I think?

Love Hoodie ($24.95 VIP, $39.95 regular):
This seems to be a new item as there were no reviews available when I ordered it.  It is billed as a relaxed fit top, intended to be worn to just below the hip.  I chose the "cucumber" shade over the white as I'm not really a white clothing person (I have a toddler and a baby on the way so. . . no; also my skin tone is altogether too close to most whites).  While it did look a bit sheer and loose in the picture, it is definitely more sheer in person - thankfully this outfit includes a cute sporty bra to wear under it (although, depending on where I'm going, I think a cami or tank top is more likely!).  I really appreciate the relaxed fit as it is forgiving on my preggo tummy and will be nice for nursing and wearing afterward as well.  If you're not a fan of looser-fitting clothing, consider sizing down.  And this is so, so soft and comfy.

Ko Jogger ($44.95 VIP, $64.95 regular):
This also seems to be a new item and, as you can see, I opted for the Dark Grey shade as opposed to the lighter one on the model.  I prefer darks and brights as a rule and these pants look great in the darker shade.  They are described as a semi-fitted, mid rise jogging pant and available in 3 lengths (no hemming! yay!).  I'm not sure if you can tell from the pics (mine or theirs) but that stripe down the sides of the legs is mesh.  It doesn't go all the way up so it's not going to flash your underpants to everyone but it is a nice feature which adds a little style.  These are also a forgiving fit and very comfortable.  I would definitely buy another pair but in the next size down (I'm optimistic that if this one fits reasonable well at 7 months pregnant, I could manage a slightly smaller size afterward!).  I'll still wear these after the baby is born but they will definitely be roomy.

Kemi Bra ($19.95 VIP, $29.95 regular):
I thought this was cute enough to justify a closer shot :) This is a light support bra with removable cups. . . and it's seriously light support.  According to my bra size, I'm on the border between two of Fabletics sizes so I opted for the smaller size and am really glad I did.  This is still not supportive.  I could not use this as an actual sports bra.  Fabletics suggests their light support bras are good for walking or yoga.  I could walk in this but I wouldn't try yoga.  Maybe if I didn't have larger breasts? That said, I didn't intend to wear this for hardcore workouts but purchased it for comfortable wearing around the house - since I'm not dressing up for work or going out much, I've been wearing sports bras and nursing bras and even going without.  This is perfect for me right now.  Plus it looks really cute under the hoodie :)  I would even consider picking up another one!

Overall Verdict:
This was another great month for me and Fabletics! I'm starting to figure out the clues to their sizing - reading about the fit and reading reviews when available really help me to see what's going to work for me and whether I should size up or down.  While this month was definitely more expensive than last month (b/c last month I had a 50% off promotion as a new member), I do feel it was worth it.  I picked up 3 great items that I will wear and likely would have spent a similar amount on for similar quality (or less for less quality which is my usual).  Plus this outfit looks cute and feels great on!

If this makes you want to try out Fabletics yourself, please consider using my link :)

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