Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bespoke Post "Cheers" Review

Bespoke Post! It's been awhile since I ordered a box of awesome from Bespoke Post (see the review of "Aged" here). . . mostly because, as awesome as they are, they are also pretty expensive for a monthly sub (especially with exchange) and I just couldn't justify that!  Billed as a men's subscription, I prefer to think of Bespoke Post as a lifestyle sub.  True, some boxes seem very geared towards men but a lot of them would appeal to anyone!

Bespoke Post's boxes cost $45 US each and ship monthly (or you can make a one-time purchase for $55).  Shipping to Canada is an extra $10 but I have found a few boxes that will not ship here (one I really wanted was "too heavy").  But this is a sub which allows you to skip any month you would prefer not to receive a box, provided you do it within the first few days of the month.  And it also allows for choice which makes me happy.  Here's how it works:  at the beginning of the month, Bespoke's monthly selections are revealed and members receive an email indicating which box they are currently set to receive.  If you like that box, do nothing and they'll send it to you.  If you would prefer one of the other options (there's usually a new box or two plus some old favourites available), log into the site and swap your box.  If you would prefer not to receive a box at all, log in and skip the month.  If you forget, they'll send your default box that month.

Luckily, I got in on a fantastic deal with Groupon:  three months of Bespoke Post came to $63.20 US plus shipping (because. . . Canada).  Total.  That means I will be receiving three boxes of my choosing (I can still skip!) for less than half price :) Although I'd love to keep them all to myself, we will likely be using most of these for Christmas gifts so. . . if you're friends or family and don't want your gifts spoiled, stop reading! You've been warned ;)

This box is entitled Cheers and centres around. . . beer! Here's the first look:

Packed full!

Teku Beer Glasses, 14.2oz (2), Rastal ($35 value, currently on sale for $28 at Bespoke Post)

These are some gorgeous and sturdy beer glasses.  According to Bespoke Post, they have been "engineered to create the be-all, end-all beer glass. . . . The angular shape creates a cannon of aroma and a just-right head, the stem keeps your palms from warming up the beer, and the slightly flared opening lets the flavors jump out as you take a sip."  Rastal is a German company who have been in the business for almost 100 years! Classy!

Ash Brown Felt Coasters (4), Graf and Lantz ($24 value)

I'm not usually someone who cares about coasters. . . I care that people use them, but not so much what they look like.  These are really nice though.  They are very thick and feel durable.  Bespoke Post likens these to the felt coasters used in the old days of outdoor Bavarian beer halls - both as coasters and to keep flies out of the beer!

Bottle Opener and Resealer, Hermetus by Westmark ($9 value)

Nice and practical, this sturdy bottle opener also reseals your bottle. . . just in case you can't finish it. . . because that happens. . . sometimes? It is supposed to keep your beer crisp and carbonated for a few days after opening.

Original Blend Pistachios (2.25oz), The Gilded Nut Snack Co. ($3.33 value - 6 pack case is $20)

A little snack with your beer (you can barely see it in the top left corner of my terrible pic)?  These nuts are tossed with cold pressed olive oil and a blend of spices including garlic, oregano, smoked paprika and sea salt.

Hop Tasting Kit, Finback Brewery ($8 value? this one was $40 with 13 types of hops and some other stuff included)

This kit lets you check out the aroma and taste of different types of hops.  Bespoke advises you to put a few pellets in a mild, neutral beer and reseal it.  Then, a few days later, taste the infused brew.  The kit includes three 1 oz packets of hops and a tasting guide which includes a how-to, guided tasting and info on each type of hops.  I think this would make a fun tasting party :)

Beer Tasting Journal, 33 Books Co. ($5 value)

A cute idea for the intense beer-drinker (or major hipster) in your life, this notebook allows for notes on 33 different beers.  It is, of course, "made with 100% recycled paper. . . and printed with homegrown soy-based ink (plus a splash of beer). . . in Portland, Oregon". . . shocking nobody, amirite?  Pics of the inside below:

Overall Verdict:

This box of awesome comes to about an $85 value which is more than what I paid for it so that makes me happy.  At full price, with shipping and exchange, the value would be much closer to the cost so this isn't necessarily one of those subscriptions that consistently has amazing value for money.  It is, however, a sub that always impresses me with the quality of the items and the curation.  I'm not giving someone a few beer steins and coasters - I'm giving them an experience in exploring beer. . . which happens to include some really fancy beer glasses and coasters plus a handy opener / resealer.  These are products and brands that I would not necessarily have thought to (or been able to) source on my own (especially factoring in the costs of shipping some of them to Canada - if that's even an option).  And, to me, that's worth every penny.  I think someone we love (well, two someones, actually) will be very happy to find this under the tree on Christmas Day!

If you're interested in Bespoke Post, please consider using my link.  Other boxes currently available include:  Distilled, Weekender, Infuse and others!  They also sell a variety of really unique gift ideas in their online shop :)

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