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FabFitFun Fall 2015 Review

I'm in love with a new sub! After reading some reviews of FabFitFun last year, I was so sad to hear that they were not, at that time, shipping to Canada.  But now they are. . . and for the reasonable cost of $8 a box (since this is a seasonal sub that's only $32 a year)! I tried to hold off but the reviews of the fall box (this one) were so fantastic that I managed to convince my husband that over half the cost of a year's subscription would be covered by the amount of Christmas gifting I could squeeze out of this box alone.  Of course, that also leaves some goodies for me too :)

What is FabFitFun? A seasonal lifestyle box which includes items to help you feel fab, get fit and have fun.  An individual box costs $49.99 or you can sub to a whole year (4 boxes) for $179.99.  I have no idea how they do it but the value of items in this box alone is so outstanding, it covers the yearly cost! And there are lots of coupon codes out there to make it even more of a deal ("PUMPKIN" will take $10 off a box at the moment).  While a $50 box does sound pricey, since it's a quarterly box, that really works out to under $20 per month.  So I can justify that :)

Incidentally, if this review makes you want to try FabFitFun, this is the box you will receive if you sign up now.  So you could sub for the year (like I did) and start with this box or you could just pick up this exact box for $49.99 (or $39.99 if the above coupon code works for you).  This is a US sub so add exchange and $8 shipping if you are Canadian.  It's still an awesome value. . . check it out:

First look - Instead of a product card, FFF provides a glossy mag? Fancy!

This box is packed crazy-full of stuff!

And here's everything unboxed - seriously a lot of goodies :)

Flawless Skin Fluid by Doctor D. Schwab ($39 value)
This "skin fluid" is a lightweight moisturizer which is supposed to "balance and brighten the skin and give it a youthful-looking flawless glow."  I don't think I've ever used a $40 moisturizer and this one is. . . okay.  I expected it to be white but it's actually slightly tinted which is okay since it doesn't seem to actually appear as dark on my skin as it does coming out of the tube.  I was also surprised by how small this tube is (1 fl.oz. / 30 mL) - thankfully, just a little bit is enough to moisturize my whole face.  I don't know that this makes my skin glow but it's a nice enough moisturizer.  It feels a little mattifying to be honest so if you have dry skin, this might not be a good fit.

Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask with Collagen and Rose Oil by Passport to Beauty ($65 value)
There are two gold face masks in here.  Two.  For $65.  Lolololol! I can't even deal with the fact that I just used a $30+ face mask. . . and it made me look like a luchador.  So bizarre! These masks are more of the bio gel type - thick and made of a gel instead of fabric.  They tend to slide around on my face and these were no exception.  I did find using this mask to be relaxing and cooling and my skin liked it too - it was smooth and soft both immediately after and the following morning - but I also find those things to be true of some of my significantly cheaper masks.  Seriously, I don't think there's anything here, results-wise, to justify that price tag.  But this feels decadent nonetheless, and I wouldn't have bought them for myself.

Glass Crystal Bead Bracelet by Tribe Alive ($49 value)
This bracelet was available in a few different colours and VIP members got to choose in advance what colour they wanted.  Since I signed up late, I didn't get to choose but I am happy with the grey version that I received.  It's delicate and will make an excellent addition to a Christmas gift bag for my sister.  I also really like what the company is all about:  "Tribe Alive works with artisan partners all over the world to employ impoverished women by providing them with a sustainable income."  Very cool :)

Lucky Lip Stain by Manna Kadar Cosmetics ($24 value)
I'm not a huge lip stain person but this one gets great reviews.  It is a primer, lip gloss and lip stain in one, with a moisturizing treatment to boot.  No swatches for this one because I'll be gifting it to a friend this Christmas.  I think she'll love it.

Strength Tubing and Total Body Tone with Tubing DVD by Merrithew ($33 value)
I haven't tried this yet (everyone's sick at my house this week) but I think it will kick my butt! Merrithew is best known for pilates-related gear so I expect this to be similar to that.  And I could really use a kick start into fitness, post-baby - especially in the lower body and core area.  Now to find a time when I can be alone in a room of my house. . .

FabFitFun x Tappan Collective Umbrella ($32 value)
This was another item that was offered in a variety of colours (and that VIP members could select their own colour) - blue, yellow, orange, pink. . . and I got black.  *sigh* I do love black and usually prefer a black umbrella since it goes with everything but this one is so cute with its "rain, rain, go away" design that I think I would have preferred the pink to brighten up a rainy day.  It's still nice though.  And I will totally use it.

HISY Battery Pack ($24.99 value)
This is a battery pack that will charge USB devices (cameras, phones, etc.) on the go.  Just charge it up at home and then you can plug your devices into this to charge them when you're out and about.  I think this will be super handy for fancy smartphone users since I hear they absolutely devour battery life (I wouldn't know as my old school flip phone suits me fine and only needs to be charged, like, once a week).  This was the third item offered in a variety of colours (I think there was also a blue and a green?).  I was nervous about getting the berry shade since this will be a gift for my brother-in-law but it looks more red than pink and my husband doesn't think it'll be a big deal.

Purple Purse Charm by Allstate Foundation Purple Purse
This charm is in honour of Domestic Awareness Month (October).  I guess attaching this to your purse is kind of like wearing a pink ribbon for breast cancer - to raise awareness of the issue.  More info on this foundation / cause is available at their website.  You can also pick up your own purse charm for $10 (or a special edition purple purse for $350).  FabFitFun did not include this item in their box valuation so I won't either.  A friend of mine will love attaching this to her purse so I'll include it in her Christmas gift bag.

Picture it on Canvas Gift Card ($75 value)
Love this! While I don't include coupons (and FabFitFun included a few of those) in a box valuation, this is a gift card.  Like a real gift card with real value.  I used it to purchase a print of my boys on a wood plaque for my Mother-in-Law's Christmas gift.  I think she'll love it.  And I love that this gift card covered the cost of the entire print and that I only had to pay shipping because my purchase used up the whole value of this card.  Shipping was reasonable too - $15 to Canada for a relatively large / heavy item.

Jeweler's Wife Gift Card ($15 value*)
And here's another gift card.  Unfortunately this one didn't make me as happy.  While there were a few $15 items available, I decided to use this to discount a $40 item.  And I was happy with that decision.  What made me decidedly less happy was the shipping situation.  Jeweler's Wife uses a third-party shipping company to ship to Canada and that company was going to charge me over $40 in shipping.  That would have made a $40 item ($25 with the discount), $80 ($65 with the discount) - and that's not even factoring in exchange.  Needless to say, I didn't use this card.  If you don't mind paying crazy shipping or you live in the US, here's the gift card number:  2091512492630.  It will only work once so first come, first served.  Let us know in the comments if you used it and what you got! Enjoy!
*Since I think any value this card might have had is easily cancelled out by the exorbitant shipping fees, I will not be including it in my valuation of this box.

3D White Brilliance 2-Step System by Crest
This is a sponsored item which also included a coupon.  It doesn't add to the box value (in either my opinion or FabFitFun's) but it is a nice little extra.  It's basically two little packets of toothpaste and you're supposed to brush for 1 minute with the first, don't rinse, then 1 minute with the second, then rinse.  I tried it.  I don't think my teeth are whiter and it felt really gimmicky to me.  But, free sample!

Overall Verdict:
Excluding the items which were not included as "value items" by FFF, and the Jeweler's Wife gift card which I couldn't use, this box had a total value of $317.99!!! Wow! Even if I discount a few of the items I think are overpriced (ahem - face masks), I still think this box had astounding value.  I picked up some great items for gifts (although I would have been happy to keep them all myself as well) and also some goodies for me.  The only thing that won't be put to good use in this entire box is that Jeweler's Wife gift card (although if one of my readers is able to use it, then it's not a total waste) and I think that's seriously impressive.  Usually there's something that I'm not excited about in a subscription box but not this one :)  I'm eagerly awaiting their Winter Box now!

Again, if you sign up for FabFitFun now, you will get this box (with some variation likely on the three items with colour choices) for $49.99 (or try "PUMPKIN" to save $10).  That's over $300 worth of products for under $50 US when you include shipping to Canada.  And that's awesome.  If you do decide to give FabFitFun a try, I'd love it if you'd use my links.  Thanks!

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