Sunday, March 06, 2016

Fabletics February 2016 Review

I give up! As much as I always say I'm going to skip Fabletics. . . citing our poor dollar - exchange sucks!. . . I don't.  There's always something that pulls me in!  And lately, that something is an attempt to convince myself that some of these items are work-friendly, with some success!

For those who are unfamiliar with Fabletics, they offer monthly workout outfits (or loungewear, if you're more like me) starting at $49.95 for VIPs (and seemingly at $10 increments from that point depending on the items and the number of items - outfits tend to be 2 or 3 pieces).  It is a subscription program so at the beginning of each month, you must either choose an outfit or opt out for that month - if you fail to do either, you will be charged the $49.95 minimum cost although you can later use that money to make a purchase (it's not like a punishment fee or anything).  To make things even more enticing, Fabletics offers your first month at half price - that's $25 for one of the cheaper outfits (or half of whatever the cost is of the outfit you choose).  Note the phrasing there:  "first month" - that means that taking advantage of this offer will set you up in their VIP program and you will then either need to purchase/skip each month. . . or I guess you could take advantage of the offer and then cancel if you really wanted to.

Now that that's out of the way, on to this month's outfit! 
This month, I picked up "Zenith" for $49.95 US.  It includes a pair of Salar Capris (yes, another pair - I love Salar Capris and Leggings!) and the Coronado Convertible Tank.  I also used some points to pick up another Oula Tank because I love the one I got a few months ago.  If you don't know, points are award for every purchase you make (2 points per dollar + 20 points per item review).  The tank cost me 700 points which I was able to earn in about 3 months, I think.

Salar Capri (Regular $49.95, VIP Pricing $34.95)

I have these in a funky pattern from last spring but decided to go with a more neutral pick.  This colour is "Bordeaux" and I love it.  Remember how I said that I can justify some Fabletics purchases as being work-friendly? This is one of them.  I wear leggings and capris with dresses (instead of tights - more coverage) or with longer tunics.  With a pair of tall boots, you can't even tell they're capris in the winter. . . and in spring, they look cute with ballet flats :)  I should just buy stock in Salar Leggings and Capris, I think. . . I own 4 pairs and have another one on the way!

Coronado Convertible Tank (Regular $39.95, VIP pricing $24.95)

This is a disappointment.  The idea is that it's "convertible" - can be worn forwards or backwards.  I picked it up because I liked the idea of the gathering as some tummy camouflage.  Unfortunately, worn forwards, the top just doesn't have enough up top - if the seam goes under my bust, boob/bra city! but if it goes anywhere else, it just looks ridiculous.  Worn backwards, this just looks like a regular tank, nothing special to me.  The fabric is also a bit thinner than I have become accustomed to in Fabletics wear.  I'll wear it around the house but that's about it.

Oula Tank (Regular $29.95, VIP pricing $19.95 but currently on sale for $11.95 with purchase)

I have this in a bright blue and love it even more in pink :)  This is stretchy and slippy so it drapes beautifully without exaggerating one's flaws (always a good thing) and is longer than most of the tops I've purchased from Fabletics.  And since length is one of my frequent complaints, I love that!  I also wear items like this to work underneath sweaters or sheerer tops - coverage with a pop of colour at the bottom of the sweater or peeking out at the neckline.

Overall Verdict

I know what I love and apparently that includes Salar anything and Oula tanks! While I do love trying new things, I am happy that I picked up some old faves since the new style I picked didn't work out this month.  Fabletics makes great workout wear that I am happy to wear to yoga or spin class. . . but that I can also repurpose into excellent staples for the other places my wardrobe needs to take me.  And that's why I can justify picking it up month after month :)

If this inspires you to try out Fabletics (whether you're looking to be more "fab" and lounge-y or "fab" and athletic!), your use of my links would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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