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Level Up January 2016 Review


I know, this is a January review! Posting in March! But, in my defence, this sub doesn't get sent until later in the month and things take longer to get to Canada!

Loot Crate is a favourite subscription for many who are into "geeky" stuff - they usually include some gadgets, wearable items and collectibles (Pop Funko figures are usually pretty standard) related to a monthly theme.  They also offer special edition crates usually focusing on a particular show / film / whatever. They even offer Anime and Pet subs! We're definitely into gaming and classic sci-fi (and some new stuff too) but really don't need any posters, lanyards or collectible figures. . . so LVL UP+ (or Level Up, depending on where you look) is perfect!  They have four different options:  t-shirt, wearable (hat, sweatshirt, etc.), socks or accessories. . . or you can bundle the ones you want.  We opted for the wearable / socks bundle at $26.99 / month.  While you can save if you sign up for more months in advance, we wanted the flexibility to cancel and resub if/when the theme doesn't suit us (or my husband, more specifically, since the items are for him!). . . although now they offer monthly skips so we may need to move up a sub length or two to decrease the price.

January's theme was "Invasion" and the spoilers suggested there would be some Star Trek, Destiny and Space Invaders items.  My husband loves Star Trek so we were really hoping to get something Trekkie. . . and that was the accessories item this month so we missed out on that.  But let's check out what did show up in our mailbox!

"I Believe" and "Destiny" Socks

These aren't as awesome as the Star Wars socks from December (but what could be?).  My husband was happy to see the X-Files-esque sock option as we've been watching the last few seasons of the in preparation for the reboot (he was a little too young to watch the show when it originally aired).  He's also happy to see that the Destiny socks are neutral.  Although he likes Halo a lot, he never got into Destiny and was worried that the socks would be really obviously related to a game he didn't play.  Instead, they're simple enough that if you don't know what Destiny is (like I didn't, lol), you would think they were just a patterned sock.  These are both nicely-made pairs of socks.  And my husband is loving his growing fancy sock collection!

Space Invaders Hoodie

This is a lightweight hoodie that is covered with adorable little Space Invaders.  Most are grey which prevents the pattern from being too busy.  But there are also pops of bright green throughout - love! Although we are both a bit young to have enjoyed Space Invaders in a non-ironic, non-hipster way, we do love throwbacks to the classics (so. . . we're geeky hipsters? geeksters? can we make that a thing?).  This isn't a fancy hoodie but it is nice enough quality and washes pretty well.  We're happy with this one.  Although, again, not as cool as the Star Wars PJ pants!

Level Up includes a glossy magazine with pics of all the options for the month.  Here are the ones we didn't get:

T-Shirt: Space Invaders heart pattern

Accessory: Star Trek friendship necklace (breaks into two necklaces, reads "I have been and always shall be your friend"

Overall Verdict:

Again, it is hard to put a value on these exclusive items, I ask myself if I would have spent $26.99 (plus shipping and exchange, it worked out to just under $35) for two cute pairs of socks and a hoodie.  And, yes, I would.  In addition to picking up new clothing for my husband so he isn't always wearing the same things (between this sub and Five Four, he's pretty stylish), this earns me some serious points because he loves it so much :)

If you're interested in trying Level Up, or Loot Crate for that matter, we'd love your use of our links! Thanks!

Upcoming Loot Crate Info:

We've skipped February's "DEAD" theme because as much as we love The Walking Dead, we're not into Deadpool (although that might change once we see the movie).

March's theme is "VS" - Marvel, AVP, Star Trek and, of course, Batman vs. Superman - although whether all of those are for Level Up. . .  I'll update here when they release specific hints about which items will relate to which franchise. . . since that'll decide for us whether we'll pick up this month or not.  That theme also applies to the traditional Loot Crate as well as Loot Pets!  Order by the 19th!

And Spoilers! The franchises for Level Up will be as follows:

Socks - Super Mario Bros and Marvel's SHIELD / Hydra
Wearable - Captain America Civil War (long-sleeve tee)
T-Shirt - Battleship
Accessories - Batman, Superman and a special guest. . . wonder who that could be?

And if none of that is your thing, Loot Crate is also offering:
- Loot Anime
- Loot Gaming (hasn't started yet but you can sign up for updates on their site)
- a Firefly Cargo Crate (again, sign up for updates on their site)
- and special edition crates for Star Wars and Call of Duty

Something for everyone!!

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