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First RoseRose Haul

I had to find a new place to get my kbeauty fix. . . but where to turn? Some of the helpful ladies on MUT suggested RoseRoseShop and, after shopping around for a bit, I decided to take the plunge.

Shipping Info:  This order was placed on January 31st and arrived at my door on February 20th.  While that's not the fastest shipping ever, it is comparable to Memebox's shipping when they were shipping to Canada from South Korea.  The box also spent 4 days making its way through customs and had actually been opened by them and examined.  Nonetheless, there were no customs charges despite this order clearly being worth much more than the "gift value" RoseRoseShop had labelled it with.  Shipping costs with RRS is determined by weight so this wasn't a super-cheap order to ship.  Shipping costs came to just over $30 but, even with shipping, I still found the prices here to be an excellent value and was able to get many items for 50-80% off!

Here's a pic of the whole haul (it looks like so much more when it's not words on a computer screen!):

So, what did I get? Well, let's start with masks (because I always love to talk, and use, masks!).  All prices listed will be in USD.

(clockwise from top left:  Leaders Mediu Foot Peeling Mask Baby Soft Foot x2, Baroness Green Tea Sheet Masks x10, 3W Clinic Coenzyme Q10 Fresh Mask Sheet x10, Tonymoly Intense Care Snail Foot Mask x3, Etude House I Need You, Pomegranate Mask Sheet x3)

Leaders Mediu Foot Peeling Mask Baby Soft Foot (2-pack for $2.60, 50% off sale)

While I have not yet used these particular foot peeling masks yet (what's the point with all the snow?), I have used peeling masks in the past and enjoyed them.  I have also heard excellent things about Leaders so I'm excited to give these a shot.  For those who don't know, foot peeling masks are housed in little booties that you wear on your feet (obviously, I know) for a period of time and then you wash off the essence.  At first, it may seem like nothing has happened but within a few days, your feet start shedding dry skin like no one's business.  It's kind of gross, kind of satisfying and in the end, it looks like you have brand new feet (like a baby's, hence the name)! I needed to get more of these after my first experience but I will save them for sandal weather.

Baroness Green Tea Sheet Masks (10-pack for $1.92, 80% off sale)

Those who have read this blog before know that I love green tea in skin care products.  It is soothing, yet appropriate for my skin and doesn't cause breakouts.  While these aren't the highest quality masks I've ever worn, they are nice enough and do the job.  And seriously, for under 20 cents a mask - ?

3W Clinic Coenzyme Q10 Mask Sheets (10-pack for $1.83, 80% off sale)

Coenzyme Q10 is for smooth and vibrant skin.  Again, these aren't the highest quality masks I've ever used (I tried one of these on my husband last night and he liked it okay but it was his first sheet mask ever, lol) but they do the job and that price is just amazing :)  They also have a ton of essence!

Tonymoly Intense Care Snail Foot Mask (3-pack for $2.96, 30% off sale)

These are foot masks, again housed in little booties but purely for moisturizing and nutritional purposes.  You can wear them for longer than the peeling foot masks and do not need to wash off the essence.  These were billed as "samples" but they are still, obviously, full size so I'm assuming they would usually come in a different amount per package? I tried them last night and do feel moisturized.  For those concerned about the snails - there is no off-putting scent and nothing feels weird about this product (well, weirder than wearing booties full of essence anyway); the snail slime extract provides nutrition to dry skin.

Etude House I Need You, Pomegranate Mask Sheet (3-pack for $0.92, also on sale -50% off maybe?)

These are nice.  Etude House is a quality brand and it shows in these masks - they just feel a little more substantial than some others (see above).  I chose Pomegranate because it promised to be smoothing and energizing plus it smells really nice :)  These were also a "sample" package but again are full-size so it must just be the number of them.  They are still on sale although not as steeply, at 20% off ($2.19).

And now for the non-mask goodies:

(clockwise from far left:  Welcos Merit Killing Me Zombie Crazy Gloss Lip Tint Gift Set in Bloody Red, Welcos Merit Killing Me Zombie CC Cream Set, Tonymoly Egg Pore Deep Cleansing Foam, Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Toner, Tonymoly Mini Lip Balms in Peach and Berry, Banila Co. Clean It Zero Samples x4)

Welcos Merit Killing Me Zombie Crazy Gloss Lip Tint Gift Set in Bloody Red ($8.66, on sale 55% off)

Welcos Merit Killing Me Zombie CC Cream Set ($10.39, on sale 55% off)

I'm a sucker for zombie anything and how awesome is that packaging? I'm reviewing these together because I actually did some swatches! I know, right?! But here goes.  The first shot is of these products out of their boxes:

The cc cream includes a large (40ml) pump-style version for at home and a 7ml tube to go.  A little goes a long way (like, I don't even use a full pump for my whole face!) so these should last a while!  The lip tint set includes a Crazy Gloss Tint (that's the larger one) and a smaller Watery Gloss Tint - more on those later.

 Here's a swatch of the cc cream upon first application at left - see how white it is? And an inexplicably sideways (and slightly out of focus?) shot of it rubbed in at right.

I am really enjoying this cc cream.  I never thought I could "get away" with wearing anything other than a heavy foundation capable of covering up acne and acne scarring but now that my skin is looking better than it ever has, I am happy to use something lighter that has less coverage.  I also love that this has an SPF (even if it's only 30) and am really impressed by how well it colour-matches.  It even matched my husband's arm which is much darker and warmer than mine so that's super-impressive too!

And here's the swatch of the lip tints.  Texture-wise, I prefer the gloss tint (at left) as it feels a little more creamy and substantial.  With the watery tint (at right), I worry a bit about it migrating from my lips before it sets.  Colour-wise, while they are both nice, I think the watery tint is truer to its name - it really does look more "bloody" but both work for me.  They don't have quite the staying power of other tints I have tried and tend to fade from the centre, outwards, but they are still longer-lasting than most of my lipsticks.

Tonymoly Egg Pore Deep Cleansing Foam ($4.62, on sale 20% off)

This cleansing foam also includes delicate exfoliators and has good reviews for oilier skin.  I have heard that it does have a higher ph than many would prefer but I'll give it a try.  I might save it for warmer months when my skin does get oilier (especially because this summer, I'll also be dealing with postpartum hormones and all the fun 16-again skin that goes with that!).

Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Toner ($5.19, on sale - 25% off?)

This line from Skinfood is intended for "troubled skin" and promises to control excess sebum and skin problems while hydrating skin.  I'm using a toner right now so I'm waiting on this one but did open it to take a sniff - wow! The parsley scent is a little intense! Hopefully it dries down much subtler or I'll smell like I've been cooking all day :( We'll see how this one goes.

Tonymoly Mini Lip Balms in Peach and Berry ($4.54 each, on sale 20% off)

How cute are these lip balms? And they smell really, really delicious and genuinely like the fruits they claim to smell like.  The peach is very lightly tinted (almost not at all) while the berry includes SPF 15 and is pretty pink when applied.  Both require you to put a brush or finger in the little pot which isn't my favourite way to apply lip balm. . . but they're really nice so I'll make an exception.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Samples ($4.23 for 4)

This is an oil balm that is used as a first cleansing step.  The balm is applied to dry skin and effectively removes make-up and impurities then water is added to emulsify the product and wash it all off.  A second cleansing step (often with a foaming cleanser) is then needed - especially for those of us who would break out horribly if we left an oily product on our faces! I am excited to try these out but I have an oil cleanser I need to finish up first.  If these work anything like that one (and like the rave reviews indicate), they'll be awesome!

Overall Impressions:

Shopping like this is seriously addictive.  I already have a Tester Korea order en route and am refusing to buy anything else until I use up some of my stash! In all honesty though, This whole order came to $86.33 USD including the significant shipping fee.  Even with the cost of shipping, that was cheaper than it would have been for me to buy most of these items through a source which offers free shipping (believe me, I comparison-shopped it!).  Further, I have to point out that I said "most of these items" because some of them were not available for other shops - especially the outrageously cheap masks at 80% off!  I am happy with everything I have tried thus far and excited to get through some products so I can try the others :) I will definitely be doing a RoseRose haul again. . . but maybe not for a while!

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