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Wantable Accessories August 2015 Review

Many months ago, I tried out Wantable's Intimates subscription (November and December - reviews at these links) and quite liked it.  This month, I decided to spring for their Accessories box after seeing some really exciting-looking unboxings out there :)  I need to freshen up some of my accessories and was hoping for something new that I wouldn't have picked for myself.

If you are unfamiliar with Wantable, here's how it works:  for each of their Intimates, Accessories and Make-up boxes, you fill out a pretty in-depth questionnaire regarding your likes, dislikes, etc. to help your stylist choose great items for you.  They have made some changes to the way their sub works, so here are the details:  the first box costs $40US (plus shipping, exchange, etc.) and if your stylist totally misses the mark, the entire box can be returned.  I think Canadians have to pay to ship it back. . . but don't quote me on that since I've never done it.  If you like all of the items, you get a "bonus" of $6 off your next box for keeping them all.  If you like some but hate some, you can return partial boxes for some money refunded - but again, I think that's much easier if you're in the States.  I can't imagine it'd be worth the shipping cost to return an item or two unless they were really expensive.  They also offer a "Fitness Edit" and a "Style Edit" which are not available to Canadians at this time (since those aren't really boxes but more like personal shopping services in which they send you items and you purchase the ones you like, return the ones you don't).

So, what's in the box?

First look :)

My preferences (Wantable will aim to send you things you love and will never send things you dislike):
As you can see, I was really angling for a chunky Rock 'n Roll watch (didn't get it though). . . and really dislike everything gold and boho.  You're likes and dislikes will make your box more "you".

Wantable also provides a packing slip which includes retail values (I think that's how they figure out how much money to return in the event of a partial exchange).  Sorry it's blurry:

My order included two smaller boxes.  The first:

Sue Anne Necklace Silver ($17 retail)

This is a longer necklace with a sturdy chain and a chunky silver "bead" detail:

I love it and am very happy with this selection.  Wantable suggests layering this with shorter necklaces and I think that sounds like a great idea :)  This definitely hits the Rock n' Roll vibe and is silver-toned.

Second box:

Wow, that's a lot of silver jewellery!

Gina Earrings ($16 retail):

These are definitely a little edgy.  They are chunky silver drop earrings and almost look like hammered metal. While I wouldn't have picked them, I do like them and will wear them - not everyday but they will get some love.

Pamela Necklace Silver ($17 retail):

This one is also silver (surprise) and also a double-chain necklace but I don't like it nearly as much as the first.  I think it's the extended drop at the bottom with a "coin" hanging off of it - it seems kind of strange to me and hangs right in my belly button.  I'm going to try my hand at modifying this by removing that part and maybe just putting the coin back without the extension.  I like the interesting hoop and bar closure on the top chain though.  If I lived in the States, I'd probably return this but it doesn't seem worth the hassle to me to be honest.

Shayna Necklace ($14 retail):

Also a silver necklace.  *sigh*  I like silver.  I like necklaces.  But I also like other things.  And I now have not one, not two, but three new silver necklaces.  Anyhow, this one's more mid-length and has a standard chain with this almost tribal-looking centrepiece.  At first I didn't like it very much but I think it was the burnout from unpacking so many silver necklaces.  It's grown on me and I will wear it.

Overall Verdict:

With shipping, fees and exchange, this box cost me more like $56 Canadian (and that was with a $10 credit).  The retail value listed for these items is $64 so I got my money's worth (ish) although I certainly didn't get any of the crazy values I've seen in other reviews.  That said, I also didn't receive any large statement pieces either (those tend to have a lot of value). . . and I wish I did.  I love the first necklace, like the earrings and the third necklace, and am not hugely excited about the second necklace.  Overall, this box was just okay for me.  

That said, I'd like to try another one.  I gave some really specific feedback on these items (Wantable sends you a link to review what you received), adjusted my quiz (no necklaces for now!), and also included some requests in the "notes" section of the quiz.  Hopefully my next box will be a bit more what I'm looking for.  This isn't a cheap sub and I can't really justify doing more than a few boxes at a time but I do like the model and would recommend giving it a shot.  The more specific you are, I think the better the items will "fit" what you're looking for.

If this piques your interest in Wantable, please consider using my link - I'd appreciate it :)

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