Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fabletics November 2015 Review

I skipped last month's Fabletics but this month. . . well, let's just say they had me at snuggly Arctic/winter inspired outfits :) As much as I really dislike winter by, say, March, I love late autumn-early winter:  snuggly blankets, no more yard work, sweaters, and body conscious outfits that don't show a ton of skin :)

For those who are unfamiliar with Fabletics, they offer monthly workout outfits (or loungewear, if you're more like me) starting at $49.95 for VIPs (and seemingly at $10 increments from that point depending on the items and the number of items - outfits tend to be 2 or 3 pieces).  It is a subscription program so at the beginning of each month, you must either choose an outfit or opt out for that month - if you fail to do either, you will be charged the $49.95 minimum cost although you can later use that money to make a purchase (it's not like a punishment fee or anything).  To make things even more enticing, Fabletics offers your first month at half price - that's $25 for one of the cheaper outfits (or half of whatever the cost is of the outfit you choose).  Note the phrasing there:  "first month" - that means that taking advantage of this offer will set you up in their VIP program and you will then either need to purchase/skip each month. . . or I guess you could take advantage of the offer and then cancel if you really wanted to.

Now that that's out of the way, on to this month's outfit! 

Yana Outfit ($79.95 VIP pricing vs. $144.90 Regular price)

Yana includes two pieces:  the Peary Top and Salar Leggings.  Since I'm coming up on the end of my leave (yes, I'm going back to work early), I wanted pieces that I could foreseeably continue to wear in a more professional environment - I think the leggings would work well with a dressier tunic and boots or a long sweater, and I think the neckline on the top dresses up what is, essentially a sweatshirt.

Salar Legging ($49.95 VIP, $79.95 regular)

I switched out the, really light/white pattern this came with to one better suited to me, Black Tie-Dye.  I never used to be a leggings person but these ones are so comfy and the fabric is just slippy enough to feel, I don't know, special? More athletic (lol)? Something like that.  These leggings come in various lengths which rocks my world since I'm short.  I would consider sizing up if your tummy isn't super tight since that's where you'll have an issue if you're going to have one.  I had previously purchased Salar Capris and these fit similarly.  The only wish I have is that these had a foldover top like those capris since, having two kids and a relatively recent c-section, I like my leggings to come up a little higher (I just don't fold it over).

Peary Top ($44.95 VIP pricing, $64.95 regular)

As you can see in this shot and the below one, the selling feature on this top for me is the detail at the neck.  It can be snapped right up like a turtle neck or unsnapped and folded over.  You can actually unsnap right down the shoulder if you're into that kind of look.

I think the detailing on this is so gorgeous and makes this sweatshirt feel so much fancier.  And it is a sweatshirt, with a really fleecy-soft lining. I kind of love it.

That said, I have two minor quibbles with this top:

1.  The arms are a little tight just above the elbow.  I don't know about you but I expect a sweatshirt to be a little looser-fitting.  I did pick the larger of the two sizes that I tend to straddle too. . . so if you're considering this top, and also have larger arms, you may want to size up.

2.  Give me an inch, Fabletics! I get that this is supposed to be a little shorter, to the hip.  But on me, this isn't really "to the hip" (maybe because big boobs?). . . the bottom hem might be, but the way the sides go up? Not to the hip.  And I wish it was.  Maybe they need to look at how they size up items like this. . . or maybe they could make length an option like they do with their pants? Just sayin'.

Norwalk Tank ($39.95 VIP, $59.95 regular - Fit Finds price:  $27.97!)

So I've been really interested in trying out this top but I never liked any of the outfits it came with.  But Fabletics has a special sale section, Fit Finds, that's new and I found it in there so I picked it up!

This is a tank top with a built-in bra.  Unlike most of the bras I've tried from Fabletics, it's pretty supportive (like I could wear it to spin class but probably not jogging).

Like all of the bras I've tried from Fabletics, it suffers from a major design flaw:  no clasp at the band and no adjustability.  This makes it soooo difficult to get on/off and means unless the fit is perfect, this is not comfortable.  And the fit isn't perfect for me.  When it comes to their light support bras, I have no issue with this but this one. . . *sigh* At least it has removable cups.  Otherwise I like the top okay.

Check out the drawstring detail at the bottom.

Overall Verdict:

Love the leggings.  Really like the sweatshirt, although I have to pull it down often because it's just a little on the short side for my comfort level.  But I'll get a lot of use out of both of those things.  I really wish I liked the tank more but now I know.  And now I know to officially avoid any medium or high support bras from Fabletics unless they specifically state they have the features I'm looking for.

I do enjoy this sub a lot but I must admit, the exchange rate is getting to me:  this month's order came to over $170 Canadian (and it was only about $110 US)! I will still continue to order but maybe not every month.  Although if they offer more snuggly winter wear next month, it will take all of my willpower to resist!

If this review piques your interest in Fabletics, I would appreciate it if you would use my links.  And remember, your first outfit is half price! Thanks :)

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