Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bespoke Post "Distilled" Review

And here's the Bespoke Post box that I picked up for my husband for Christmas, the last of our super-awesome Groupon deal for a Bespoke Post subscription.  Ordinarily, a box is a little pricey at $45 US (or $55 for a one-time purchase).  Shipping to Canada is an extra $10 but I have found a few boxes that will not ship here (one I really wanted was "too heavy").  But I picked this one up for about $63 plus shipping with that deal.  Although I really love Bespoke Post's boxes, this will likely be our last for quite awhile as they are pricey to begin with. . . and exchange is killing my cross-border shopping these days :(  I won't cancel (yet) though because I can easily skip until there's a box I can't resist, our dollar gets better, or I need to pick up a great gift for someone.

Although Bespoke Post does ship once a month, their website allows you to skip a month or swap out the box they've selected for any other available box (there are usually a few new options as well as some old favourites).  If you forget to skip or swap, they will send you your default box for the month, as many of these types of subs do.  Billed as a men's subscription, I prefer to think of Bespoke Post as a lifestyle sub.  True, some boxes seem very geared towards men but a lot of them would appeal to anyone!

As for this box, Distilled, it's the perfect combination of two of my husband's favourite things:  science and gin :)  Seriously, it's like a chemistry set for booze - check it out:

I know, right? I opened the Bespoke Post box and there it was:  a big bag full of stuff.  I didn't want to open it up in the short time I had so I waited until Christmas Day to get the below photo of what, exactly, was in that mysterious bag! The suspense!

Tonic Water, 10oz ($2.66 value)
Boylan Heritage

A fancy bottle of tonic to go with the delicious homemade gin we'll be concocting.  Maybe not the most exciting item but definitely appropriate to the theme of the box!

Enamelware Tumbler Set, 2 pieces, 12oz ($25 value)
W&P Design

I can't believe how pricey these are! I mean they're nice glasses and all but I don't know that I'd pay full price for them.  They are lighter than I thought they would be and seem to keep things cool - maybe because they're enamel-over-metal? I like the colour too. . . but I think I prefer the feel of glass against my lip versus the texture of these.  Maybe I'm just picky.

The Homemade Gin Kit ($49.95 value)
W&P Design

Just add a bottle of cheap vodka and this kit will help transform it into delicious gin :)  It includes a sturdy bottle to concoct everything in, a funnel for filling, a strainer to strain out the botanicals, juniper berries and a botanical blend.  We were impressed by how high quality these items feel - the bottle is thick and sturdy, the funnel and strainer both have a pretty solid structure to them as well.  These will definitely last longer than the berries and botanicals (thankfully W&P Design sell refills and ship internationally!).

Overall Verdict:

I paid just over $60 (Canadian) for this box which is valued at just under $80 US.  Had I paid full price for it, the value would have been about equal or even a little less.  But I don't look to Bespoke Post boxes to get a great deal on things.  I look to them for a really great experience with quality items that are thoughtfully selected and paired.  And I have never been disappointed in that regard.  This box is no exception.  While we have not yet made gin, we are looking forward to it and will enjoy the experience just as much as the product.  There's value in that, I think.  I have said it before and I'll say it again:  Bespoke Post boxes make fantastic gifts! Whether you pick out the box for your recipient or pick up a gift subscription, it will make anyone smile.

If this encourages you to try out Bespoke Post yourself, your use of my links would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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