Sunday, February 28, 2016

Julep February 2016 Review

Holy cannoli! I'm so behind on these reviews.  I blame working, personally.  I should do less of that.  Anyhow, here's February's Julep Maven box. . . at least this review's in a week before I get March's box :)

Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription box / beauty subscription.  Their polishes are 5-free and vegan-friendly which I love! For $24.99 per month (or $19.99 per month if you sign up for 3 months up front), you will receive your choice of 2-3 nail polish / beauty items each month according to your profile.  "Classic With a Twist", "Bombshell" and "Boho Glam" profiles receive 2 polishes and 1 beauty item; "It Girls" receive 3 polishes and "Modern Beauties" receive 2 beauty items.  But now, no matter what profile you are, you can totally customize your box or even switch to a totally different box! And you can skip any month after your first month as a Maven (Welcome Boxes don't count).  Sounds perfect to me!  

If you're interested in trying out the subscription, my links will take you to a FREE Welcome Box, just pay the cost of shipping - this will sign you up for the subscription so be forewarned about that (if you scroll down though, you can get in for the 3 month rate of $19.99 per month).  Check out the Welcome Box I received here.  This is an American sub so do factor in the cost of exchange although, aside from Welcome Boxes, shipping is free for Mavens - even Canadian ones :)

On to the products! 

Clockwise from top left: Feels Like Velvet duo in "Moonlight and Starlight", Hartleigh, Meghan, Rosie and a chocolate treat (my older son loves when this sub shows up!)

I didn't even realize until this moment how cohesive my choices made this box.  All-around Valentine's themed!

Hartleigh, Classic with a Twist ($14 value)

Hartleigh was a freebie for picking up a box this month and it's so seasonally-appropriate.  It is a "holographic glitter top coat" and perfect for Valentine's Day. . . as long as you're not planning on wearing your mani for long.  I found the small glitters and white dots to be easy to apply and long-wearing but the larger hearts were a bit of a pain.  They require a little digging and careful placement (so, finicky) and came off within a day - even with a thick-ish layer of top coat.  So this is a fun polish but not a fave.  But it was free :)

Meghan, Classic with a Twist ($14 value)

This "flaming red creme" is not super-special or unique. . . but it does bear my name, spelled correctly no less, so I had to get it! As far as reds go, this is a nice creme as it is easy to apply and gives good coverage.  I was good to go in 2 coats.  I just wish there was something "wow" about it, to be honest.  This is a standard shade and I do have a few other reds that are similar.  I do like the formulation of this one though.  And, of course, the name :)

Rosie, It Girl  ($14 value)

Rosie is a "charcoal grey with magenta glitter" and I love it.  Straight up.  This is gorgeous.  The charcoal base is a little thin but adds a depth to the colour so the glitters stand out.  And do they ever.  This is packed with glitter and the magenta colour is a new fave.  Definitely 2 good coats, even 3, are needed to get enough depth of colour.  I just wish the base was a little thicker.  I will be reaching for this one lots.

Feels Like Velvet Eyeshadow Duo in "Moonlight and Starlight" ($20 value)

I had picked up one of these duos a month or two ago and I love it.  They really do feel so soft (so be careful with your brush or you'll dig right in!) and the pigmentation is good.  I like their eyeshadow sticks a lot but I use traditional pans more often.  While the other duo I have ("Dark and Stormy") is a little intense for most "day" looks, this one is lighter.  Much lighter.  Swatches below. . . sorry the top colour is so much like my skintone - this is my life.  I did try to pick up the shimmer for you though so it's a little packed on.  I wish that shade was just a little more pigmented. . .  maybe pinker? Something to make it pop a bit more.  But I do love the darker shade and, together, they are a great look for day.

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