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Five Four Club December 2015 Review

This is the first month (or "volume") for the winter season with Five Four Club.  Starting in September, Five Four indicated a slight change to their subscription model in order to provide customers with a more cohesive range of outfits per season.  In September, my husband received two shirts - one dress shirt and one lightweight hoodie (that review here); in October, a fantastic fall jacket and scarf (that review here); and November's shipment offered a pullover and a hoodie (that review here).  Now you may be thinking what I'm thinking - no pants? How "cohesive" can an outfit be without any pants?! We were hoping December's shipment would include some but, as you can see above, nope - another hoodie and a button-down shirt were sent.  While we really love Five Four's clothing, we will give them another month and then contact them regarding this issue.  My husband loves the clothes he is receiving but it seems strange that they would make a point of saying he'd be getting a "range of outfits" and then not sending anything for his bottom half!  

Never heard of Five Four Club? It is a men's clothing subscription out of California.  They have a lot of celebrity clients (including Mark Wahlberg) and offer a variety of Five Four-branded clothing items.  It is a little pricey at $60/month (especially for Canadians since there is an additional $25 surcharge for us - boo! - and exchange on top of that!) but there are, occasionally, deals to be had.  We find that with recent exchange rates, it works out to $115-120 Canadian. . . so a bit of a splurge but my husband looks great and doesn't have to go shopping.

When you join Five Four Club, you fill in a pretty detailed profile indicating your sizing and preferences so that your stylist can select the perfect items for you.  The style profiles available are Casual, Forward, Classic and Mix and my husband currently subscribes to the "Mix" option.

So, what did he get this month?

Heather Grey Hoodie

I don't have the invoice with the names of these items on it this month. . . the toddler probably squirreled it away somewhere.  This is a nice medium-weight hoodie. . . heavier than the one we received in September (which was more t-shirt weight) but lighter than last month's.  It is also, like many of the items we've received from Five Four, super soft and fits my husband very well.

A close-up of the hood (fully lined with the same material) and drawstrings.

And the bottom hem - the finishes are always quite well-done.

Black Button-Down (I think this one might have been called "Dante"?)

This button-down is nicely tailored and a slightly heavier weight fabric than most.  It almost feels a bit like a chambray shirt because of that.  My husband never used to wear much black but it does look pretty nice on him, especially during the winter, so I love this.

And, unfolded, you can see that this is a nicely made button-down without anything particularly unusual or unique about it.  It's just nice.  But not really anything special.  This is, however, exactly my husband's style - when we met, he wore button-down shirts and dress / khaki pants at all times pretty much :)

Overall Verdict:

We still like Five Four and are sticking around for a while longer.  I wasn't over the moon about either item we received this month - mostly because I keep expecting pants and not receiving them! They are both nice items although not overly exciting. . . and I don't know that I would have spent $50-60 on each of them in a store, to be honest.  But my husband will wear them.  He loves that Five Four clothes fit him well, wash well and that he doesn't have to shop for them.  I like that he consistently has new, stylish clothes to wear.  As I mentioned, if there are still no pants in next month's shipment, I will likely be contacting customer service to ask about how exactly his shipments constitute a "cohesive range of outfits".  So, hopefully, I will have pants to review next month. . . otherwise I'll share my customer service experience with you instead!

If you would like to try out Five Four Club yourself (or pick it up for a husband, boyfriend, son, etc.), your use of our links would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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