Thursday, January 28, 2016

Julep January 2016 Review

Julep's January 2016 collection is "New Year, New You" which is. . . well. . . standard for January, right? Do I need more nail polish? - nope.  But these shades really drew my eye and I just couldn't hit "skip."  Incidentally, that coupon code above? Use it if you like - it's not unique.

Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription box / beauty subscription.  Their polishes are 5-free and vegan-friendly which I love! For $24.99 per month (or $19.99 per month if you sign up for 3 months up front), you will receive your choice of 2-3 nail polish / beauty items each month according to your profile.  "Classic With a Twist", "Bombshell" and "Boho Glam" profiles receive 2 polishes and 1 beauty item; "It Girls" receive 3 polishes and "Modern Beauties" receive 2 beauty items.  But now, no matter what profile you are, you can totally customize your box or even switch to a totally different box! And you can skip any month after your first month as a Maven (Welcome Boxes don't count).  Sounds perfect to me!  

If you're interested in trying out the subscription, my links will take you to a FREE Welcome Box, just pay the cost of shipping - this will sign you up for the subscription so be forewarned about that (if you scroll down though, you can get in for the 3 month rate of $19.99 per month).  Check out the Welcome Box I received here.  This is an American sub so do factor in the cost of exchange although, aside from Welcome Boxes, shipping is free for Mavens - even Canadian ones :)

On to the products! 

No add-ons this time but I picked up a Feels Like Velvet Eyeshadow Duo and two polishes:  Shay and Joss.  The Junior Mints were a nice treat - Julep always throws in something tasty with your monthly box.

Feels Like Velvet Eyeshadow Duo in "Dark and Stormy" ($20 value)

These shades are described as a "steel grey shimmer and metallic silver" and I love them.  No swatches because the lighter shade was actually too subtle against my skin for my camera to handle.  Grey eyeshadows used to be my standard but I haven't worn them in years - a great way to do a subtle smoky eye without using black.  The quality of these is excellent - they have great pigment and are so soft that it's easy to pick up more on my brush than I intended! They really do feel like velvet!

Shay, Bombshell ($14 value)

Shay is a "celadon iridescent chrome" and just drew my eye.  What a unique shade and a gorgeous "Frozen" vibe for winter! Unfortunately, I'm not crazy on the formula.  It took 3 coats to get to the level of colour I desired (and still was not totally opaque) and the finish was slightly gritty which is not something I'd expect from a "chrome."  Nothing a good top coat didn't smooth out but a little disappointing nonetheless.

Joss, Bombshell ($14 value)

Joss is a "ripe fig duochrome" which means it has a shiny finish that can appear two different shades depending on the angle from which you view it.  In this case, a gorgeous warm purple and an inky olive-y green - just like eating a fig, I guess?  It's stunning and has none of the issues I had with Shay - easy to apply in 2 coats.

Overall Verdict:

They can't all be my favourite, right? Thankfully Joss makes up for what I felt was lacking in Shay this month and the eyeshadows are so great, I've ordered more for February.  Julep is hands-down my fave make-up sub since it's so customizable.  I love picking out my products for the month (or skipping. . . but I haven't done that).

If you would like to give Julep a try, your use of my links would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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