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LVL UP+ (or Level Up) December 2015 Review - Updated!

Loot Crate is a favourite subscription for many who are into "geeky" stuff - they usually include some gadgets, wearable items and collectibles (Pop Funko figures are usually pretty standard) related to a monthly theme.  They also offer special edition crates usually focusing on a particular show / film / whatever. They even offer Anime and Pet subs! We're definitely into gaming and classic sci-fi (and some new stuff too) but really don't need any posters, lanyards or collectible figures. . . so LVL UP+ (or Level Up, depending on where you look) is perfect!  They have four different options:  t-shirt, wearable (hat, sweatshirt, etc.), socks or accessories. . . or you can bundle the ones you want.  We opted for the wearable / socks bundle at $26.99 / month.  While you can save if you sign up for more months in advance, we wanted the flexibility to cancel and resub if/when the theme doesn't suit us (or my husband, more specifically, since the items are for him!). . . although now they offer monthly skips so that might change our minds!

December's LVL UP+ and regular Loot Crate were, of course, Star Wars themed!! Which is why I just had to sub to this for my husband.  While we're both pretty big Star Wars fans (we've been playing a lot of Battlefront since the holidays and went to see the movie the opening weekend), my husband probably takes the cake when it comes to his knowledge of ridiculous / useless Star Wars facts.

LVL UP+ comes in a small-ish black bubble mailer and includes a glossy magazine which shows all the items sent out that month.  Note that the t-shirt sub is just beginning with this month (January) so it's not included below.

Two pairs of socks - both exclusive to LVL UP+ (can I just call it Level Up? I'm going to go ahead and do that, okay?).  The first is a pair of Kylo Ren socks in red and black (of course) and the second are R2D2 / C3PO socks - one on each foot.

And here they are, in person.  I must admit, these are higher-quality socks than I was expecting - nice and thick, stretchy and they wash well. . . trust me, I know (since my husband has been wearing them pretty constantly since they arrived!).  I especially like the R2 and 3PO socks :)

And the wearable item this month is. . . Star Wars Lounge Pants! I'm just going to call them pajama pants because that's what they are, right? These have a drawstring waist, are loose-fitting and are patterned with x-wings and tie fighters!

A close-up of the pattern.  I have no idea where my overall shot of these went so sorry about that! These are also a pretty nice quality. . . and also wash well :)  Plus, the pattern is pretty awesome.

While we didn't pick up the accessories, here's what subscribers who opted for that part of sub received:  a BB-8 Clutch and a Darth Vader Bag Charm.  I'm not really sorry I missed out on those as they're a little too kitschy for my style. . . and my husband certainly would not use them either ;)

Overall Verdict:

While it is hard to put a value on these exclusive items, I ask myself if I would have spent $26.99 (plus shipping and exchange, it worked out to just under $35) for two cute pairs of socks and lounge pants.  And I think I would.  They're really nice quality and, the best part, my husband loves them! I earned some serious points with this surprise :)

If you're interested in trying Level Up, or Loot Crate for that matter, we'd love your use of our links! Thanks!

January's theme is "Invasion" and Level Up promises Destiny, Star Trek and Space Invaders gear and we will be receiving it so look forward to that review.  Loot Crate is currently accepting subs for February but has not yet released the theme - I'll include an update here when they do.

Update:  February's theme is "DEAD" and Loot Crate will include items from Deadpool and The Walking Dead, as will this month's Loot Pets.

Level Up spoilers for the "DEAD" theme suggest the following:
- T-Shirt will likely be Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal-related
- Socks sound like Deadpool and Harry Potter
- Accessories will be The Walking Dead-related
- and the Wearable item sounds like it will be Deadpool

So we're skipping this month because, although my husband (and I) love The Walking Dead, we're not into accessories and we know nothing about Deadpool.

And if none of that is your thing, Loot Crate is also offering:
- Loot Anime
- Loot Gaming (hasn't started yet but you can sign up for updates on their site)
- a Firefly Cargo Crate (again, sign up for updates on their site)
- and special edition crates for Star Wars and Call of Duty

Something for everyone!!

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